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Koufopantelis Architects is an international architectural studio since 1984, based in Athens, Greece, working at the intersection of design, research, functionality, innovation and critical environmental practices. 

We are handling mostly projects of private residences and vacation housing, as well as hotels, offices, stores, restaurants, cafes and bars. 


Founded in 1984 by George Koufopantelis while always surrounded by talented colleagues. Since 2020 the studio has been joined by the fresh spirit of his daughter Danai Koufopantelis, who has been following the company’s steps since she started studying architecture. The team is enriched by more passionate and talented minds. 

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Our mission and most valued goal is always creating a perfect balance between functionality, innovation and design.


We build projects up from the initial stages through implementation, handling all the legal formalities along the way.


Each project for us starts as a blank page. Clients, location, needs, aesthetic, surroundings and vision, change every time. That's exactly what makes every project unique and our style to differ from one to the other. We are taking under consideration each and every factor that might influence or have an impact on it, adapting our approach based on those elements. 

From the outside to the inside, the wow factor is always there. Without this meaning an extreme design. Sometimes less is more, while other's moving a bit to the "more" side is more suitable. It all depends.

Being the perfectionists that we are, whenever the project requires, we can even provide custom furniture and decorative elements design, to make sure we reach the aesthetic and vision we are aiming for.

In our work, one thing is for sure, harmony, innovation and great living experience are always promised. 

are few of our main values.   

After all - it’s our job to design and realize your dreams..
At the studio we are reimagining a visual language that combines and considers cultures, harmony with nature and history while simultaneously creating and living in the future, now.

Motivating people to live better lives now through architecture.
Renovated Office


Experience meets innovation and fresh ideas featuring passionate and creative people

Our studio consists of a team of creative and passionate architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and interior designers.



George Koufopantelis was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1956 where he lived during the first ten years of his life. He then moves to Athens, graduates from Lycée Léonin and then relocates to Paris from where he graduated from the Architectural Division of École National Supérieure des Beaux Arts. Upon returning to Greece and having gained professional experience from his years in Paris, Koufopantelis Architects (named then GK architects) was founded in 1984 followed by MELKAT in 1989, a construction company under which a large number of developments took place up until 2007. Alongside the company’s architectural activities, the company further extended its ventures to the design and development of superior summer residences with the purpose of making them available for purchase in turnkey condition.

George's passion has always been architecture and that is evident in all of his designs and the amazing relationship he builds with his clients. His inspiration is endless and combined with his extended experience the results are always breathtaking. He loves combining functionality with stunning design and innovation,, personilised in each client, making every project unique. 

We are beyond excited to have him guide, teach and inspire us.

As his clients say "he was born as architect". 




Danai was born in 1995, in Athens. Following her father's footsteps she decided to go after architecture as well. During her studies, she contributed in the office with fresh ideas while also gaining work experience. Leading, into gaining her first project as an individual architect, in 2015, a complex of apartment blocks for millennials, in Miami. She then moved to continue her studies in Tenerife, where she ended up working at the studio of her teacher, GPY arquitectos. After graduating with honors from her Masters in Architecture Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Thessaly, she moved to Barcelona, gaining more working experience and great friends at MYAA studio. She returned in Greece at 2020, in order to bring her new ideas and fresh eye into Koufopantelis Architects.

Danai is characterized by her thirst for knowledge, her leading and organizational skills, her passion of giving and making people happy through her cooking and bringing to life her client's dreams with her designs.

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Kostas was born and raised in Athens, in 1956. He has been friends with George Koufopantelis, since childhood. They graduated from the same school, Lycée Léonin and then he relocated as well to Paris from where he graduated as well from the Architectural Division of École National Supérieure des Beaux Arts. Upon returning to Greece, he started working as an architect, gaining professional experience. He worked alongside with plenty of architects, such as Molfesis and Karadavani. He also created his own studio, for 20 years, before moving into working with George in 2012. 

Kostas is a classic architect, with a hand that can draw anything, anywhere, anytime. He is providing a great input during the process of the design of every concept, with his amazing knowledge upon the history of architecture as well as all the current trends. 

His eye for detail is non-comparable, that’s why he is in charge of visiting our construction sites and making sure that our plans are being correctly constructed. 




Gina was born in Athens in 1980. She studied Architectural Engineering in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2005). She has gained extensive experience in multiple fields of architecture, from detailed design to larger scales. 
In 2021 she joined Koufopantelis Architects as a Senior Architect.

Gina's passion is architcture. She lives and breaths architecture. She knows the trends and the legislations, she designs with an amazing speed, incredible accuracy and a wide spectrum of inspiration. She is communicative and can be both fun and strict, depending on the situation. She is a problem solver and we are very happy to have her in our team. She adds a great value to our studio. 



Antonia was born in Athens in1989. She began her studies with a degree in Restoration and Renovation of Buildings and continued with getting her maters in Architecture Engeeniring, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2020). 

Through the years she has gained experience working in architectural studios as well as and in construction firms. Although she is of the newest members of our team, she is already offering a lot , fitting to a T the style and metality of our studio. Quick learner, great team player, super easy to communicate with, effective and with great ideas, a real go getter. 




Giannis was born in Athens in 1989. He studied Civil Engineering at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete‎. Since then he began his journey working on construction companies that were active in Paros, as well as and in Athens. Building  experience on a variety of different scaled construction sites.

Right now he is more than just our right hand in Paros , handling our projects there, following their construction , and making sure everything is done to perfection.

What we love about Gianni, is that each and every project that he undertakes, he handles it with a great sense of respect and responsibility, as if it was his own. His work is his passion and that is obvious both during the process of the construction as well as at the finished product that he hands to our clients.

With Giannis in our team we can be certain that we will always have the desirable results.



Maria was born in Volos, Greece, in 1995. She studied Architecture Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Thessaly, from where she got her Masters in 2020. During her studies she also did a semester at the University of Lisbon. 

After her graduation, she moved to Madrid, to work at the "Office for Political Innovation", an architecural studio of Andrés Jaque, gaining experience in multiple fields of architecture. 

She later moved back to Greece where she worked at one of the biggest architectural creations in Athens, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. 

She has been in our team since 2021 working either in house our as an extrenal partner. 

Her ideas and passion about architecture are uncomperable. Her values about human rights are inspiring, and that translates into her designs, where she always wants to create an oasis for the client , both aesthetically and functionally. Even the smallest project for her has to be comfortable and functional.

Her thirst for learning and evolvement is non stop and thats why she is now doing a Master's in Advanced Studies in Design, at ETSAB, in Barcelona, while continuing helping us from there.



Danai was born in Athens, in 1963. She studied Business and Finance , and she has been a manager in Pireus Bank for years. 

She joined our team a few years back, and she is helping us keep our clients happy, in more aspects than architecture. 

She is dedicated and super organised, she is kind but also not afraid to get the job done. 

She is involved in almost every project, keeping tags in everything that follows the procedures in our studio. 

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