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Private Residence in Paros




Paros Island, Greece

This vacation house is a part of a residence complex of 5 houses. Each house is different, and has been designed according to each client’s style and needs. Although since they are still a part of a complex of houses, as well as located in the island of paros which has its own limitations and demands (following the architectural style of the island), we have kept some similarities and common elements, in order to have an harmony and balance in the totality of the houses.This specific project is built on top of a small hill a few meters away from the sea. The 5 houses share one common really long swimming pool, which is divided in 5 , giving them each their privacy. Actually the interesting element of this project is that each house feels as if it's the only one in the plot. Meaning that they have been designed in a way that each one’s privacy is on the maximum level, almost not being able to feel the existence of the rest. Every swimming pool has a rock garden on its connecting side with the rest of the pool, making the limit disappear. The entrance to the pool is created by a beach-like feeling, making it smooth and adding some coziness to the yard.This particular house is for a family of 4, has 3 double bed bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. They also have a beach volleyball court right beside their house.
Yeorgia Aslanidou,

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