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Private Residence in Athens, Greece.




Athens, Greece

Concorde is one of our most favorite projects. That's purely because we managed to fully align our architectural vision with the construction. Surely our mechanic and structural engineer had a great challenge with this one, but all together we managed to solve all of our difficult demandings and our ideas became a reality.

It's a two apartment family residence. First apartment is on the ground floor and basement, where the parents live.

Exteriorly the ground floor is surrounded by the garden, with a swimming pool and exterior living room, dining and bbq area, as well as a bathroom. The pool continues on the side of the house, bringing the element of the water to more areas.
Interiorly, the ground floor is divided in 3 parallel zones. Each zone can be separated and isolated from the others. First zone is the entrance, garderobe, guest bathroom, main living room and dining room. In the second zone we can find the functional spaces. Kitchen in the middle with the everyday dining area and living room, on its sides. This dining area is designed to fully open -ceiling and front- to the garden, being also in contact with the side part of the pool, creating this way a private hidden oasis. Third and last zone of the ground floor has two bedrooms with esuite walk in closets, bathrooms and an office. Its the more private zone of the house.

In the basement, we created a bit of a modern playroom. There you can find the tv room, for big game or movie nights with friends, a billiard, a gym , a shauna and two guest bedrooms. The characteristic of this area is the window to the pool, which brings a beautiful game of light into the room, creating an amazing atmosphere all day long.
Furthermore, in this level, we can also find the functional spaces of the house, such as storage, garage etc.

Moving higher to the next apartment, where the daughter lives, it is also divided in two floors, although from the outside of the building , this is hardly noticeable. Same goes for its huge balcony which works more as a garden since it has its own swimming pool and lounge area as well. Our task here was to manage and give maximum privacy to both “garden’s”. The fact that the upper garden is completely hidden and not easily visible from the outside, is the reassurance that we conquered our goal.
The second floor of this apartment is provided by a mezzanine, meaning that in one part of the apartment- right on top of the living room- we have a double sealing. The ground floor follows the logic of the other apartment as well, dividing it into these 3 functional zones.
In the mezzanine we have located. ….

The apartments have their own seperate entrances but all the floors are connected and with an elevator. Another big challenge in our design was created by the high ceilings which meant 4 meters high sliding glass. Seamless and quiet, although super heavy, very easy to slide aside, opening all the front facade of the apartments to their garden.
The possibility to isolate each space from the other, is also provided with hidden sliding elements. One thing that our clients loved with this feature of their house, was that we installed an audio system that is capable of operating in sections as well, giving them the possibility to be listening to different music in each splace.

Photographer : George Sfakianakis.
You can check out his work on his site:

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