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In a beautiful plot in the Island of Paros, with its own forest from “Almirikia” trees, a native tree of the Cyclades, we have created a small utopia. A small microcosmos.
The feeling that this land first gave to us when we visited, was calmness and serenity. We wanted to design something that enhances this feeling and creates a unique experience. The building is half under the ground, “yposkafo”, taking advantage of the inclination of the land. This allows every space in the house to have an equally strong view.
The house is located beside the forest, and in front of it we have placed the pool. This is not your normal pool… It is created to look like a lake, it has no steps and the entrance is gradual, the same way you would enter to a natural lake. The shape is very fluid, giving strength to this natural feeling.

Architecture: Koufopantelis Architects
Interior Architecture: Koufopantelis Architects and KŪ design atelier
Interior Design: KŪ design atelier
3D visualization: KŪ design atelier
Renderings: Koufopantelis Architects

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