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Complete redesign and renovation of a private residence


Psychiko, Athens, Greece



Located in one of the most beautiful, good and old neighborhoods of Athens, it was a small apartment block, with two identical houses, one on the ground floor and the other on the first floor. The access to the first floor’s apartment was given by an exterior stair. The building was following the style of the epoca that was built by the architect Koumanidis in 1985. The clients who bought it, felt that it was outdated and needed a change to fit their style requirements. They wanted the 2 apartments to be united and become one.
A complete interior redesign and exterior facelift -as we like to call it, joking around- was applied. The ground floor now is hosting the common areas- main and secondary living room, dining area, guest WC, wardrobe and kitchen. Important design element were the sliding doors that can hide and isolate each space, creating a clean and clear interior or an open plan, when needed. From this floor there is the direct access the garden and pool area. One of the challenges we faced were the foundations of the existing house, which had to be respected. In this floor there was a column in the middle of it, which in order to hide it in a way, we covered it and shaped it with wood and added a few interesting lights to create a statement piece instead of something that just “annoys”. In the first floor, which is now accessed by an indoor stair, we have placed the 3 bedrooms. All of them have an en-suite bathroom and the two main ones have a walking closet. We have the master bedroom with an astonishing view, looking over whole Athens, in which we created big windows, to take advantage of this view. There is also a second big bed room of the daughter of the family and a third one, a bit smaller, as a guest room. In the same floor we can find another living room/library.
There is also an underground floor in which we have created a home gym, the laundry room and the control room of the house. This is the room that has all the computers etc which make sure that our smart house is working properly.
On the exterior, we redesigned the whole entrance, garden, balconies, added the swimming pool and made sure to create an oasis where you feel alone in a residential area. We wanted the whole house to hug the entire view and in a way to isolate itself from the surroundings.

Pictures taken by the highly talented photographer, Louisa Nikolaidou.
You can take a look at her work here:

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